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My Eyes Are Closed

April 15, 2020 | Prison | Incarceration | Inmates | No Comments

Author: Kory “Hussain” McClary | Edited by Tariq MaQbool
Incarcerated writer, fighting to prove my innocence. You can reach me at Tariq MaQbool #532722/830758C PO Box 861 Trenton NJ 08625 or via

Heart turning, eyes filled with saline
Cheeks stained with years of pain
Surrounded by a world of grief, and mental
Can no longer sleep
I’ve been wronged!
By a premised virtuous arm, better yet, a hand
The stenographer’s husband,
was the prosecutor’s man
Can’t shut my eyes,
every time my lids close
I can see dead folks
They are chasing me…
It seems like my friends want my soul
I don’t know if I should close my eyes
And just let go?
Cause here I’m hurting…
I’m floating above
Drifting below…
Tip toeing on the edge of…
My mind is lost, trapped somewhere beyond
this wall
I want to go, catch-up to my faculties
But I’ve been wronged by the court’s faculty
The stenographer stole from me
Dispatched by who?
I wonder?
I hunger for information
However, my searches always return vacant
I’m left as if asunder
I’m scared
Because I fear, that the day will come
When I become complacent
With this house of Satan
So, I cry
The tears that run down my face are alive
They speak words of discouragement as they
Give up… it’s over… the truth will never be
I came here young, now I’m grown
Growing old
In a short time, I witnessed this place
take a dozen souls
I’m shaking cause this place is so cold
This place is turning my heart to coal
The stenographer played a role
Placing me in this morbid hole!
If I close my eyes, I will be sent to dwell
With my guys, who I miss dearly
My eyes are closed!
Farewell,… forever, truly yours!

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