The Art

Don't judge a book by it's cover Artwork

The Artist

Artwork Description

By: Branson Cowser

Parameters: Medium, Mixed Medium

Size: 12″ x 9″


The drawing was done to help the reader to get a visualization of my article, Don’t Judge the Book by Its Cover.


The story of the article was about the tattoo on my face. My tattoo is done in black and gray as I am in prison and unable to utilize multiple colors. My drawing is a closer representation of my original idea and imagination. I suppose we all are a work in progress and we all make do with what we have, making the best of our given situations.


For this work, and for the process to create it, I used color pencil, ink pen, and graphite to do the drawing on vellum Bristol sketch pad. It’s all freehand, with no stencil or tracing. I like to draw from my mind’s eye only. Moreover, I don’t like to copy anything and in that way when someone receives my artwork it’s always one of one, a unique creation.


I hope you will enjoy my work, and there will be more coming soon so please stay tuned so to speak. I will appreciate your support.


If you like my work, please support my Instagram page: KRAZY ART 360. Also, you can contact me via email at My IG and email accounts are maintained by my family and I will get your messages of support.


Thank you.

God Bless!

Send us Pics of your loved ones behind bars. So the world may see that families do exist on both sides of the prison walls.