I have learned to love
Tariq MaQbool's Poems


I see you in my dreams

You whisper in my ear as I lay

Your scent encompassing

Your laughter gurgling like a brook

Your voice soothing, singing notes of love

I have come to listen to you

I have learned to feel your presence

I see you while awake

Your halo, ever-present in my vision

As an unending horizon on a sunny day

You smile a thousand miles away

Yet, my heart skips a beat as if

Upon my chest you lay

I can feel the dark Velvet off your hair

Silky, cool, like your kisses on my neck

I regret my past, my captive present and uncertain future

Because without you, it is as if a journey

To a spiritless closure

But, the hope of you is an elixir, one that will make me

Love forever!

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