Mission Statement


Our Mission

In recent years Prison Reform has become a hot-button issue in our American society. The political environment further highlights it every two to four years with calls for Reform of the Criminal Justice system. Yet, in reality it becomes more of a deja-vu in practicality.
Especially for those of us who are incarcerated.

You see the United States holds 20% of the world’s prisoners, but accounts for only 5% of the world’s population. And it imprisons 1/3 of all women prisoners on the planet. In our opinion, the American mass incarceration is largely done with the public’s blessings. And that feat in itself is accomplished by a concerted effort from the media and political class that seem to kowtow to the massive prison industry and it’s ancillary networks.

We believe the only way to make a change to the American Justice System is by changing the hearts and minds of the public. And we believe that it can only be achieved by telling our stories and speaking our own truths.

Unlike other such forums that assist in amplifying the voices of the incarcerated, we are not simply a digest. We believe and strive for advocacy!
Therefore, we urge you to join us, and add your voices to the cacophony of change. The time is now, the world is listening, and do you have anything to say……