Black Beauty


Black Beauty of the seven seas

Spread out your hands

And lay them upon these

Maybe or maybe not

But I think I love you

And love you a lot

Entrench your love with mine

So we can sail toward the land

Where passion is so divine

Foolish things I would do

Merely to satisfy you

Black Beauty of the darkest hour

My here is your surrender

Like a fallen flower

Now I can’t say that I know you by name

But I love you just the same

See, cause many sounds we must hark

For, that’s where feelings come from

When love is still in dark

It’s been so long since I touched your skin

Now tell me, Black Beauty, where have you been

See, a hundred years I limited for you

Without a scent or even a clue

And now that I found you

Will you be mine?

So, when I’m walking aloft

I never look behind

See, out of all the colors

I’ll pick black

Cause when I’m looking for you

My love, that is where you are at…

By Paul “Goo-Goo” Williams

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