Breaking Point


Can anybody hear me, me, me

I’m hear can’t you see, see, see

I’m trapped in darkness, ness, ness

Drowning myself in tears, tears, tears

I’m on the probe of this, this, this

Looking for a place to hide my fears, fears, fears

Is anybody there, there, there

Doesn’t anyone care, care, care

I need a rope, rope, rope

Isn’t there anymore hope, hope, hope

I’m slowly dying, dying, dying

They’re waiting to break me, me, me

But I’m holding and still trying, trying, trying

Fighter and fighter to be, be, be

The air is getting thin, thin, thin

It’s pulling me in, in, in

I don’t want to die, die, die

So please hear my cry, cry, cry

Is anyone there, there, there

Can anyone hear, hear, hear

Doesn’t anyone care, care, care…?

By Paul “Goo-Goo” Williams

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