As pretty as a butterfly

Sweet like honey

Red like a rose

You’re the outline of beauty goals

Soft brown eyes, hot, and wild

Drives me wild

Oh your smile, dazzling like

Diamonds dancing off of light

I can only continue the sequence

When you reveal your secrets

For now I can only imagine

Staring into your eyes

Am I your type

My silent language gentleman like

A gangster’s purpose

A businessman’s focus

Hold my hand

Can you feel my energy

Do I traverse your thoughts

How about your heart

It’s a chemistry

To reject me, belies our synergy

Don’t deny yourself a mental intimacy

Or a physical scintillation

My secrets are deep, and amazing

My story is long

I may touch your heart

Or maybe your thoughts

A verbal penetration of your soul

Let me whisper in your ear, and

Tell you a story untold

Are you listening

I’m whispering, so no one could hear

Let me nibble on your ear

I want to be a part of your spirit

Our souls should entwine

We should mix our love

So that we could produce more love

Please impart your secrets

Let them free

Give them to me

And only me

I shall never betray your trust

Can you feel my loyalty

Our vibrations are royalty

Be my queen

I’ll be your king

Just show me , your secrets …

By Kory ”Hussain” McClary

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