heart of a clown


I laugh day after day

Laughing makes time pass away

I laugh from six to nine and nine to nine

Laughing sleep away as I purse my line

I laugh so hard, and yet, so low,

I could hear the silent within, and cold winds blow

I could hear the lions roar, the sounds of birds

And the cries of people behind closed doors

Weariness captures my verbal sounds

While I reveal the story of “Heartache of a Clown”

I who was tried for a homicide and possession of a knife

Was convicted and sentenced, now opposed by life

The conscious story from the inner mind

Reveals the true story of why I’m doing time

Now I sit and laugh sadness away

Yet, trying to forget, tomorrow is another day

I even laugh at the sight of death

I laugh so hard, I barely catch my breath

I laugh with a laugh, and laugh with a growl,

Yet, you never see me without a grin or a smile

I laugh even when I should be sad

It isn’t my intention, but merely my fad

I even laugh at myself…

From fear of laughing at anyone else

I hide within my sadness

It keeps me sane and controls my madness

See, the ‘make-up’ isn’t here

But the laugh is what I wear

And after a day of laughing

Begins a night of crying

And after a night of crying

Begins another day of laughing…

By Paul “Goo-Goo” Williams

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