I Rise Still


Even after all of the transgression and oppression

Against people of my complexion

Standing tall with a pen as my weapon

I’m going down writing!!!

I will not be silenced – By this system of recondite violence

I Rise Still

Through this concrete and steel, I will assure that my word is


Throughout this world

My pen will write, until I am free, or

without life!!!

Standing here resilient and austere

I Rise Still

Through the cracks and crevices

of this ‘penal’ development

I will not be appeased, until I am

standing free – reunited with my


I Rise Still

After years and years of disquieting

rejection, inimical reflection

of my case, by a Court

with a racist support beam

I will never give up my dream

to be standing shoulder to shoulder with the

leaders of the culture

I Still Rise

My scent spreads through the prison vents

It emanates on the other side of the gate

And spreads far and wide

emitting my fragrance


I Rise Still

Through this concrete maze, this living


I’m traveling past lost souls

Physically they’re here, but their minds

are gone!

I constantly remind myself that

this is just a Sojourn

Eventually I will be home

I Rise Still

And still I rise, I’m on an

ink pen high, chasing my life,

And still I write…

That the stenographer, the judge,

the State, the lawyer, and the jury,

were all White!

And with this black ink, I speak

the truth

Like so many, I was captured as

a youth

And still I rise like Mya Angelou’s…

I Rise Still

-By Kory “Hussain” McClary

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