“I Serve My Time” by Ashley Hoath

A Poem by Ashley Hoath

The society which failed me, to it I serve my time
You can capture my body, but you can’t enslave my mind

Bores that crack and creak, broken, feeling beat
There’s no such thing as healthcare, for my sores I alone will treat

Off of the “daily grind,” stench of urine and feces
Gotta hustle, cause this alone, insufficient for what my needs be

Everything tastes the same, no variance in my diet
The complacency of this place makes me want to start a riot

How do I rise above, when negativity surrounds me
Everyone wants their truth to be heard, no one listens but they scream them loudly

No recognition of the face in the mirror, heart as broken as the place I live in
This cracked, roof falling, mold growing in the celin’

Who was it to define my crime, who was it that discovered the vermin
No justice in this system, all their “facts” are based on fiction

No solid foundation in their structure, no hope to man of any kind
They’ve built their house upon the sand, their righteousness is in their mind

The statutes which they swear by, void and without form
Constitution nonexistent, this is now the norm!