“The Road to Success” by Shawn Robert Johnson

A poem by Shawn Robert Johnson

The road to success will inevitably call your bluff
With adversities, obstacles, and all kinds of stuff
That terrain you travel on will be unsteady, rocky, and tough
Success wants to see if you’ll quit and say, “Alright I had enough!”
You’ll feel cheated at times when you’ve been constantly denied
As defeat creeps in your mind from every time you’ve tried
Your frustrations begin to mount deep down inside
Will you give up or stand strong – that’s something you must decide
I can tell you that success only respects persistence
The more effort you put in, success gives you resistance
Success tests your power to see if you’ll go the distance
And you’ll only be rewarded after you show you’re consistent
So the road to success will be based on what you make it
You only get two options and success won’t let you fake it
If your will power is not strong enough then success will break it
However, if you’re built for the journey then you should take it

Shawn Robert Johnson is locked up in New Jersey State Prison (NJSP). He is a participant of CAPTIVE VOICES WRITING COHORT at NJSP. He is a writer/poet & artist. You can see his writings here and https://alwaysxpect.com/